scaRRedcat’s new home

The best friend harrumphed. “Why scaRRedcat?”

I still don’t have a good answer and it’s not for lack of trying. There’s nothing profound about the choice. It just popped into mind more than a decade ago: the image of a kit incomprehensibly grinning as it slinks back home after yet another brawl in yet another strange alley.

The twin R’s came after a former employer, whose worldview was to the right of Caligula, decreed his newspaper had no room for a column called “Left-handed.” (Which I am.) scaRRedcat, the blog, was born on the day the newsroom toasted the column’s new name: “Southpaw.”

Despite the name, I’ve never owned a cat. Someone told me, however, that in another life I gamboled and sometimes fought with big cats. (See “About scaRRedcat”) So maybe that’s that. Not that those past lives echo much, except for an uncanny timing, a tendency to get into scrapes and a penchant for daydreaming of the next great adventure.  And, yeah, this life’s gone through enough twists and turns for a pantheon of felines.

Now, let’s talk about this blog.

The description says “news and commentary.” Friends have begged for a permanent place for writings old and new. Unfortunately, a review of old posts (even more recent ones) shows a crazy quilt, an untidy sprawl that defies slotting under two categories.

A bedroom in Melaka, by Inday Espina-Varona

The original scaRRedcat website had everything from war and official venality, aphrodisiacs and things that go bump in the dark, teenaged blues brothers with orgasmic voices, musical legends and legends in their own minds, battered women and a woman bent on battering the country with her lies. Oh, and plenty of stories about our madcap clan.

Newer stuff include lots of travelogues, paeans to Rafael Nadal’s English, reviews of two seasons of American Idol (no kidding), forays into sexuality orthodox and un, cultural battles, disasters, massacres and the fight for genuine press freedom. And some surreal interviews.

For easier reading, this parent blog on wordpress will feature Archive pages broken into years of news and commentary, including those written for the Philippines Graphic and the Manila Times and some other publications (like an article on Virginity I wrote for Cosmopolitan 🙂 ). I hope to eventually gather old articles from the Daily Globe, the Manila Chronicle, the Evening Star and Manila Standard.

All other writings will have to be reorganized under affiliate blogs (coming soon!).

Anthem of Life by Inday Espina-Varona

“Anima” will feature characters, real and imagined;

“Eros & Agape” will be above love, in all its forms;

“The Footloose Kit” will house the travelogues; and

“Grace Notes” (thank you, Joel Salud!) will have everything that falls in between, including the many essays on our quirky family.

I can’t commit to a timetable so do drop by often and see new posts and reincarnations of past scribblings. Better yet, subscribe and get updates. Happy reading, friends!

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