A not-so-traditional Christmas greeting

Patapos na ang taon. Eleksyon na. Whether we like it or not.
Sa halip ng Hallmark-style cards, ito na lang naisip ko para sa lahat na kaibigan. Ilang paalala lang po para may matirang sanity sa atin lahat pag-dating ng #Halalan2016.
The danger in believing too much in our loud voices (on socmed) is, we forget that 60% of this country’s population do not hear us.
Or, if they hear echoes in the distance, they may not care about what we say, because they’ve never felt we care.
“We” is generic for supporters of all camps.
“Care” can’t really be quantified.
We’re not even talking about pork and patronage anymore. Those have diminishing returns.  Just listening quietly, a hug, a clasp, a visit to your father’s wake, standing to give up your seat, taking some load off someone’s back, speaking out for the bullied and the oppressed … there are some things money cannot buy.
Hindi ko sinasabing di na pwede ang kritisismo. Nakakatakot naman yan. Dapat ding matukoy ang mali. Pero huwag nating ituring magka-uri ang isang politiko at ang mga taong naniniwala sa kanya (for better or worse). Huwag naman nating tingnan na bayaran ang lahat ng supporters. Baka ibalik din yan sa atin. 🙂
If we spend most of the year hectoring people, insulting them, looking down at them — why do we think they will jump up and help when we and our candidates need it?
Screaming and ranting at other people with different views won’t help our candidate(s).
Kung tayo lang lagi ang tama, bakit pa natin kailangan ang ibang tao?
Empathy for others always stems from knowing what WE want in our lives. So why don’t WE (all of us) take a step back, fall quiet for an hour or two, and then write down why we identify with our candidate(s).  (If like me, you still can’t figure out your bets, the exercise may help.) 
  • What are the most important things in life for you?
  • How are your candidate(s) going to make these better?
  • What can YOU do for your candidate(s) campaign?
  • And what can YOU do, with or without the candidate to improve the things that matter the most?
Maraming salamat po! Isang makabuluhang Pasko at mapagpalayang bagong taon sa ating lahat.
(If you do the exercise, I’d be very interested in your answers. I should have mine soon.)

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