Maybe I should have acted like Queen Victoria. Maybe, I should have been at my grim and determined best.
davao cowboy
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. All photos here from his Facebook page,

Because social media is a fast and furious panorama of movement, many people who saw the photo of my bald self, and the shared posts on the frenzy over Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte (including the now-closed Miriam-Duterte petition), asked if I was a Digong fan.

I am glad he isn’t running. Hopefully, that’s the last word on this issue. I do not want to see a Duterte presidency.
Davao City Rodrigo Duterte has heaps of charisma.
A beauty salon’s entire staff have pledged their votes to Duterte — never mind that they don’t know anyone who actually knows the guy.
Many taxi drivers are for Duterte, says Mae Paner, veteran of that mode of transport.
My household companions tell me staff at the nearby supermarket and the vendors at the Talipapa are mostly for Duterte, though Vice President Jejomar Binay still has some grip on these sectors.
It’s not just the poor. A Duterte stroll in Greenbelt turns into a circus — fast.
Like Imelda Marcos, he keeps you fascinated. Pretty much the same way dancing cobras attract crowds.
Like Joseph Estrada, he has mastered one-liners, the made-for-TV quips, the mercurial changes of mood.
My Davao-based friends and relatives — most of them anyway — swear fealty to Duterte. He keeps the city clean and orderly and peaceful, they say.
I am not about to dispute that sentiment, though the last two visits had me stranded in traffic jams much like what we suffer in Metro Manila.
He loves the Lumad! says a friend.
He supports the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL)! says another friend.
He defends the human rights of the Left! says a third friend.
He sent aid early to Yolanda victims! says another.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
These are some things that make me like Duterte very much.
But I have said this and won’t tire of saying this.
There is a reason the phrase says, “BASIC human rights”.
I cannot campaign for the rights of the Lumad, or the rights of the Bangsamoro people, or the rights of activists and journalists, rights workers, lawyers and judges and, yes, victims of crimes …  and then shrug off the basic right to life of other folk.
I am not accusing Duterte of killing people. I am saying he has a very selective concept of justice.
I am very glad Carlos Conde, now with Human Rights Watch, documented stories for years.
Here is one of the stories, “Teenagers Perish in Davao’s Killing Fields.” 
In late September last year, Duterte described the series of killings of suspected criminals as unlawful. But he also made it clear he was hardly sorry that they were happening. “I do not have any tears for you if you die, you idiots!” he said, referring to drug pushers. “You all deserved to die.”
Last March, Duterte once again declared war against teenage gangs, which the local police say are responsible for most of the crimes committed in the city. “If they offer resistance,” the mayor told reporters here, “I will not hesitate to kill them. I don’t care about minors.”
Such declarations have upset child-rights advocates, including Councilor Angela Librado. The chair of the City Council’s committee on women and children, Librado notes that while the mayor “hasn’t really violated any law,” his statements “send the wrong signal to the public. The signal is that, it’s okay for these people to die because they are useless anyway.”
If anything, Duterte’s contempt for teenage gangs and his encouragement of extra-judicial methods to deal with them have made children in conflict with the law fair game. Two weekends ago, three minors who had had brushes with the police were killed in separate incidents by unknown assailants.
The Signal. I take that very seriously, having heard the very same line from Norberto Manero, who was convicted of killing of Italian priest Tullio Favali on April 11, 1985 in Tuluan, North Cotabato.
In an interview shortly before he was released (pardon revoked after a public outcry) by former President Macapagal-Arroyo, Manero — also a very charismatic man — said his followers, including his brother, literally took matters in their own hands, when he joked he wanted to see Tuvali gone from the face of the earth.
He was convicted because witnesses placed him at the scene of the crime. He has since changed colours, according to this poignant story. But you want to read the narrative on Favali’s death to appreciate how much one man can have the power of life and death over others:
Welcoming home soldier taken prisoner of war by the New People's Army
Welcoming home soldier taken prisoner of war by the New People’s Army
The HRW has also issued a report on the Davao death squads.
I followed those stories closely, gratified to see the groups often tagged “Left” and thus also prone to being victims of extra-judicial killings, confronting their friend Digong on the issue. I remember one very angry Duterte tirade addressed to Karapatan.
This, I think, is a principled stand. You work together on some issues but there are lines on the sand you do not cross. And there are things that brook no silence, because the latter only encourages more abuse — or deliberate neglect of situations.
Especially because we are talking of the land’s highest office.
I totally agree that systemic murders and systemic crimes should be exposed.
I also say that every line of Digong’s quotable quotes encourages these very same crimes, no matter his actions on other issues.
I can also see where Duterte fans are coming from. Too much violence, too much crime; too many state enforcement agents moonlighting as protectors or enforcers of crime gangs. Thus, the need for a tough cowboy.
My Davao friends, save a handful, love Duterte. Not all will vote for him. From them, I have heard the same arguments raised by Conde in his PCIJ article.
“The public’s tacit support for the killings is one reason local authorities, including the police, do not appear interested in finding the killers. Many Davaoeños believe that the executions are helping keep their city safe and do not seem to care that minors are among those being killed as part of a campaign against youth offenders, many of whom are petty thieves.
This is why Davaoeños support Rodrigo Duterte, their tough-talking mayor, who has made it well known that he will stop at nothing to fight criminals.
Sending off aid workers bound for Yolanda areas
Sending off aid workers bound for Yolanda areas
My personal view is this: I don’t care if they are alleged criminals. When last I checked, suspects have rights.
I can rail against a person — Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, for example — and still defend her right to due process. I can rail against a corrupt official — the former Chief Justice Renato Corona, among others — and call out the short cuts taken in the name of “justice”.
I must also point out that the onus to respect human rights weighs more on the state and its officials, precisely because they wield great power.
Murder done in the name of order and the rights of most of us peaceful citizens is still murder. It has no place in law enforcement. You cannot enforce the law by breaking the law.
Duterte’s fans say, rightly, that people should file cases against him. I agree.
And I also say, you cannot shrug off — nay, even cheer on killers. Not when you are a chief executive.
I cannot accept claims that he is just “joking,” that this is all an act.
He is an officer sworn to uphold the law. The Philippine President is the country’s most powerful man. Duterte’s words give me nightmares about the implications on the nation and our rights as citizens.
Don’t tell me only the guilty needs to be scared. That sounds like the incumbent Chief Executive. Hundreds of journalists and activists have been killed, tortured, jailed simply because some people think they make life inconvenient for the powers that be.
I take #NeverForget and #NeverAgain seriously. That is why I fight for Lumad Rights, among other things.
I still respect Government for all its faults. I cannot cast my vote with a hope that one man might just be joking.


  1. Is it the masochist in people that attracts them to Duterte or do people really don’t care about human rights as long as it is not their rights or in this case life that is violated?


    • Sira Ulo ka! ayaw ngang tumakbo nong tao kahit taongbayan na yong may gusto sa kanya SINISIRAAN MO PA??? Hinde maikakaila na sa totoo lang marami ang takot O nag aalala na baka nga ay tumakbo sya dahil alam nila na 100% na sya ay mananalo, ikaw na mismo ang nagsasabi kong gaano sya kabilis o kalakas ng CHARISMA nya, sa pananalita mo para mong sinasabi na lahat ng mga sumoporta sa kanya ay mga tanga at hunghang na hinde nakaka intinde o walang alam? kasama na jan si Ex pres. Fidel Ramos, Senator Cayetano, Sen Marcos, Pimentel o lahat ng kilalang pulitiko na gusto sya, Sa totoo lang i kumpara mo sya sa lahat ng mga kandidato ng pagka presidente Except kay Senator Meriam Santiago, alam ng lahat na sya lang ang may malinaw, maayos at malinis na plataforma, di gaya ng iba na puro lang pa Pogi at Pangako pero hangggang dun na lang wala na, uusad man pero usad pagong pa at andun pa den ang pagtakip o pag protecta sa kaibigan or kasama sa partido… Alam ng lahat ng bumasa rito kong ang purpose mo rito, dahil may basbas ka sa amo mong PANOT! bolahin nyo Lilang nyo! Hindi nyo na mapipigil na lahat ay gusto na ng totoong pagbabago…

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  2. Ang luwag n mn kc nang batas/gobyerno natin. Kahit ung 5 pillars of justice walang silbi pra kay duterte. Di n man sinusunod ng mga tga gobyerno. Tagal n sanang nakakulong c duterte kung madumi pamamalakad nya.


  3. “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”

    While maybe only those who have transcended to self-actualization are the ones who do not change their opinions, but the truth in this irony is clear among the masses. At some point, these people have shared your views, but eventually changed. The factor is desperation. In the midst of poverty, crime, and politicians who only care about their political careers, along with the flawed system that we have for decades, to whom will people entrust their safety? Duterte has denied allegations of being part of this death squad and I honestly doubt that he is behind in all these killings. You may not know this nor it can ever be confirmed, maybe because the media only care about reporting the deaths, but these criminals are always issued with threats. It’s not the first time they have committed crime. Some of them are even warned to leave the city. Those who stayed, died. Drug-related deaths are the same. But don’t ever think that the mayor does not have compassion for criminals, especially to those who seek redemption. Our local government spent money to build rehabilitation facilities, and could have even built more, if only we are given the funds that we have earned. You’re glad he isn’t running? Duterte is only among the few politicians who have showed a great deal of interest in switching to a Federal government. Poe? Binay? Roxas? What will they do while in position? How are they going to address the issues that we have here in Mindanao? We go to work, we pay our taxes, and the money that we made through our personal efforts are enjoyed by those who live in Metro Manila, while we still wait for that portion we deserve. I do not wish you suffer the same desperation, but please understand us.

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  4. How much did the yellow tards pay you? ahaha tell that to the victims of rape, people who have lost their loved ones to drugs, murder and other injustice. Bitch

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    • You have your opinion and we have our experience. May be if we dit not experience his greatness first hand then maybe then we might have doubts and views as you have. But for me as from experience, He might have just been the best president that we never had. But in the end its up to us. Kahit sinong naka upo as president same parin walang mag babago. unless we change or someone force us to change and that someone might have been Duterte.

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  5. Philippines needs a leader with iron hand. Our drug dealers are now even penetrating barrios. Why worry if Duterte killed these criminals? He is answerable to God, not to people. If that is the way we can discipline people, instead allowing these people to continue to destroy youth’s lives. It’s better to have these criminals perished rather than their evil deeds will expand all over the Philippines because our leaders are inutile. The Philippines cannot attend a truly progressive nation without achieving peace and order.

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  6. People always shout “Human Rights! Human Rights!” when it was the criminals in the first place who violated that right.
    People need to be disciplined now. Yes, murder is murder. And I’d rather hear the news saying that criminals are being murdered than hear them report that another innocent people have been killed by “riding in tandem”, “holdaper”, etc. What we need now is a leader who has the “balls” to enforce justice. What he’s doing is for the safety of the people under his care, if you’re gonna shout “Human Rights!” for those criminals, then, goodluck. I will pray for your safety.

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  7. Another Black Propaganda. This is pure bullshit. I hope you know what you are saying about “BASIC human rights” when you hear the news about people being killed by those criminals.

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  8. People always shout “Human Rights! Human Rights!” when it was the criminals in the first place who violated that right.
    People need to be disciplined now. Yes, murder is murder. And I’d rather hear the news saying that criminals are being murdered than hear them report that another innocent people have been killed by “riding in tandem”, “holdaper”, etc. What we need now is a leader who has the “balls” to enforce justice. What he’s doing is for the safety of the people under his care, if you’re gonna shout “Human Rights!” for those criminals, then, goodluck. I will pray for your safety! 🙂

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  9. I am for Duterte. I want my family to be safe and secure from bad elements or entities. Go watch the news at 6pm and headlines would moslty be like about crimes. I envy the people of Davao for they are well taken cared of. Davao has their own version of 911. Did you see their equipments? Davao is larger than MM and Cebu and yet is the safest city in the PH and one of the safest in the world. Those who are afraid of him are the criminals, drug lords, and smugglers. and yet, he is a compassionate leader. He was one of the first to respond to Yolanda by transporting his central 911. He cries for kids who are sick. He turned his home into an orphanage of some sort. He has no stomach for Kidnappers of children and claims he will kill Kidnappers who will be caught. Davao just recently won the presidentail award for the most Child friendly city.

    Another thing admirable is that in Davao you won’t see the name of Duterte on government facilities and vehicles. Something i see everyday in MM. You see the officials initials engraved light posts, stickers in monobloc chairs etc.

    He has good relations with our military and police, the npa and the muslims. He respect ideologies and listen to all sides. He also promotes federalism, or rather the decentralization of the government which will boost development in the provinces, thus also declogging metro manila. It also lessens the power of the central government in giving favors. It has been decades of the same form of government and it has not led this country anywhere. If not him, who else. If not now, when will we have the same leader with this kind of tenacity, and compassion.

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  10. Maam. I’m from Davao. I’m not also for killings. Pero may nagawa ba Yung justice system natin Sa pinatay Ng mga adik na gang. Yung Mga inosente na pinatay Ng mga adik..wala nlng Yun?. Mas kinakampihan mo Mga kriminal ma’am. Anyare? Ganun na ang Human Rights? For me to stop those fuckin addicts is to stop their life. Para hindi na pamarisan.

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  11. haiz, pag basa ko palang sa blog, yung writer wala talagang alam tungkol kay duterte at wala atang alam to tungkol sa peace and order, baka piece lang at order sa pagkain alam nito. 😄

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  12. Hahay..unsaon nalang kaha no kung akong anak mahimong biktima anang mga criminal nga imong gilabanan. Akong anak moanha sa manila dili jud ko mahimutang kung dili ko maka communicate gikan paglapag sa airport hangtud sa pagcummute sa mga puv around metro manila. Katong diha akong anak sa manila 8 hours wala mi communication mura na ko ug mabuang. (kay naa di ay napindut nga nausab ang settingsa phone). From time to time magpangulba ko sa safety sa akong anak moadto sa laing lugar labi na nang manila. HAHAY! nag-effort ra ba intawon ko ug maayo nga aron akong anak mamahimong maayong lungsuranon dayun mabiktima lang sa mga walay pulos nga mga tawo. Basta ako I fell the loss of those innocents. Pero ikaw murag you fell the loss of those criminals, am I right? but of course you will say no! Makaingon jud ko nagsayang sayang lang mi sa tax nga among ginabayad. Gisayangan lang ang among tax nga gibangbayad sa mga nagtinapol sa ilang trabaho…Si duterte lang ang ako nakita nga sinsero sa iyang trabaho. Sinsero man pud ang uban pero sa ba-ba (bibig) lamang.


      • Papansin raka madam…Pathetic kaayo ka…Daghan kaayo nabuhat si Mayor diri sa Davao nga Maayo..Para sa mga tao diri…Nagsulat sulat raka ani para mapansin ka..why not do something para makatabang ka sa society…show yourself…kay usa ka sa mga tao nga walay kwenta…mayra mag buhat og comment di maayo pero walay binuhatan…unya bright naka? sikat naka karun? imo nawong oh…klaru kaayo nga sendikato kaayo…mao lang happy ka di mudagan si Mayor pagka Presidente kay hadlok ka madakpan imo illegal binuhatan…Go to hell bitch


  13. I lived in Davao since 1981 until the present. I’ve been mugged,as well at one point when it was Former Mayor De Guzman governed the city few years back, but never during the time of Duterte. You could say that I am lucky, but if in 30 years of peaceful experience, I’m sure that alone will suffice as to what kind of leadership Duterte exercise in Davao. Furthermore,the best people who can describe Mayor Duterte are the locals in the city he governed who had the first hand experience. Anyways, cut it short, what disgust me the most though was that ABS-CBN is published this in their page!

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  14. This article paints a monster of a man, who I believe has more compassion than he is given credit for. There are many anecdotes about this man and his genuine sincerity for the afflicted, even the ones afflicted by drugs. There are drug rehabilitation centres, and other such rehabilitation facilities in Davao city built especially for drug users and pushers who show interest in redemption. These facilities have been spearheaded by Duterte himself.

    Anyhow, my question is actually about this tone of evil that’s being thrown around… You mentioned you respect this government even for its imperfections, but when I think about it, is our government truly absolved from such killings? When the government-run National Bilibid prison itself is evidently a drug factory, one wonders about its subsistence. Surely, being under government jurisdiction, something could have been done about it… so why did it ever exist? And what of the killings, born out of these drugs? Isn’t the government supposed to be accountable to that? I can’t help but feel that there’s a sense of understatement in talking about the “imperfections” of the government. Not that I don’t respect the government because I do. I do make sure to drive properly simply because I respect the integrity of the law. But I do wonder if the people who are supposed to be our government leaders have a similar concern, considering their so-called imperfections so it’s difficult for me to keep my faith in our leaders, despite my respect for laws.

    There’s this debate about evil. Is it a greater evil to kill the ones who have killed, or is it a greater evil to kill the innocent? We do live in a rather fluid world, where even morality is essentially man-made. It’s easy to abide by the integrity of life simply because it’s valuable, but in all honesty life passes. Death is an apparent fact and even nature kills. In that sense, is death essentially evil even when nature commands it? I get it. It’s not up to man to “choose” the fate of another and that choice is the most valuable thing, because it belongs to man himself and it delineates a so-called evil act from a good act. But when drug killer kills and rapists rape and murderers defile life, haven’t they clearly chosen already? And though I believe in the power of redemption, I also strongly believe in the necessity of consequence. Moreso, when caught in a crossfire and one is about to kill, isn’t it a salvation of some sort to kill that person before they can commit yet another act of evil? Haven’t they been saved from themselves because of death?

    I guess, in all things, as Duterte himself with say, let God be the judge of him.

    As for me though, I applaud him for having a clear-cut understanding of protecting the goodness of life, even if that probably means he’ll be eternally damned if the laws on killing are truly so unforgiving. And all the military men who have killed in combat in the name of “peace”, may God be the judge of them too.

    Also, words are quite powerful. Words dictate destinies, so I commend you for your courage and your steadfast capacity to look at things with this kind of resolve.

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    • Maraming salamat po 🙂 Crime and punishment… consequence and redemption. Yes, it does sound like something from Fyodor Dostoyevsky… he also had characters who argued about the nuances and meaning of things… such is life


  15. The writer wrote “I am saying he has a very selective concept of justice.” We already had Marcos once. Tama na. #neveragain is not just for the Marcos family, it’s also for those who act like Marcos,


  16. Obvious your rich and your always at your chair sitting in front of your pc. You don’t have any experience in reality outside your cave. Scared of out great mayor changes your status? How pity of you.

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  17. tl;dr

    Just two questions..
    If people like you are SO against extrajudicial killings and extreme aggression, who will you vote for, then?

    A) Another “legacy” who is riding on the fame of a former actor (and nothing else), who, by the way, once revoked her own citizenship for another (if ever we encounter problems in the future, the question between “bayan o sarili” is a no brainer for this no brainer);

    B) A clearly corrupt patriarch of corrupt government officials who is making people think he made a city what it is (he thinks public office is a throne and people should serve him), and who is promoting political dynasty (miriam will probably get my vote for the anti political dynasty bill);

    C) A spineless and insencere puppet of the current administration lying prostrate to serve the real owners of the presidential seat (yep, the men who were empowered by the late, and NOT great, Cory, and who has AbNoy on a leash); or

    D) Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago. ‘Nuff said. Lung cancer? Pfft.. Why should it be an issue?

    Second, and here is “the real” question to all the brainless individuals who talk and talk (or blog and blog) against Duterte,

    What made you so goddamn sure the other goddamn candidates won’t do any goddamn extrajudicial killings? Are you goddamned people blind besides being goddamn hypocrites? The killings NEVER ended when martial law did, NOR did it start from there. Even the peaceful AbNoy administration has its share of red tape. Sometimes, governments kill people for the good of the many, that’s a well known fact. Stop plugging your holes with your fingers, THINGS LIKE THESE HAPPEN. Duterte will do it if he becomes president, the other candidates WILL, too. They are just winning people over with sweet words with no meaning at all, but behind all that, they will do the same goddamn thing. At the very least, know about his accomplishments and his character before spewing a crapload about the things he say or even the way he speaks.

    Just because the man is so vocal about it, doesn’t mean he will do it relentlessly (for your information, the people of Davao are happy and thriving, and the population is not dwindling from the killings). I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “spare the rod, spoil the child”. The criminals in this country have been spoiled too much that they are the ones running EVERYTHING, and the stupid masses are still feeding on their lies.

    Now my post got too long. I’m sure you won’t read it in its entirety but my last message is SCREW YOU. Our country is screwed because of people like you who perpetuate the yellow propaganda of “peace for prosperity” by posting your BS. No, we don’t need a veil of safety when our core is rotten. I love my country, that is why I will be praying that he still runs in the coming elections.

    Good day

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      • Basic right to life??? Give me joke!!! hahahaha!!! If you do respect the BASIC right to life then nobody should have died in the hands of the other!!! There shouldn’t be any murderers who will just kill someone because they are influenced with illegal drug!! Because they are too should respect that one you call BASIC rights!! Then what? You will argue then on the rule of law? hahahaha!!!! You critics are all a joke! You only give people excuses for them to execute their wrong doingS!!! hahaha… If you really do respect and Honor your BASIC rights! How come those victims of MURDER, RAPE, etc.. who did nothing wrong but to go to there workplace then work then trying to go back to their respective home however they were robbed of their lives!!! Rule of law! were they protected with the existing law in the first place? Did the LAW prevented that from happening??? SO where is there BASIC right to life then? I have to admit I am a die hard supporter of DUTERTE not because i am from Davao, but I was able to see his ideologies! It’s not new to the world for goodness sake!!! Every Progressive country has that sense of aggressiveness from there LEADERS!!! Your having your nightmares? Now what if one day, when your on your way home, someone will try rob you of your life and your lucky enough to recovery after a few months and live to talk about it?? Okay i’ll bet my own life, if you will not curse those perpetrators to death!! And when you don’t come here in BACOLOD and i’ll prepare an affidavit of desistance to clear your form any criminal cases.. But if you do curse them to death you will have to write as well.. PEOPLE, this country has been sick since the day the wife of the TRAITOR step foot on the top post and restored the HUMAN RIGHTS!!!! Don’t get me wrong I am for human rights but of course we have to accept the fact that it should never, NEVER be ABSOLUTE!!!!! Rights should have a limitations!! In order for it to be balance and also preserve the other rights as well!! What i’m trying to say is like these; if someone kills another one or some doochebag rape-slay a woman for no justifiable reason at all, that should be a consent for the perpetrator to die as well!
        So people you decide.. trying to attain an absolute Human Rights which is impossible to attain? or Limited rights?


  18. This blog has never gained a lot of publicity till this post. If she posted something that is pro-duterte, do you think abs-cbn would post it in their page since there are already a lot of articles that are pro-duterte?

    Although I’m not saying that this post has no valid points. I’m just not sure if the writer did this to gain readers or she just doesn’t like duterte’s ways. Anyway as the saying goes, “Any publicity is good publicity.” Imagine how much traffic this post has been getting even with all the hate comments and the low rating on the post. Look at the other posts in this blog. No ratings nor comments.


  19. In a make-believe world your ideas about an ideal society and government might work but in reality crime, corruption and drug related violence are rampant. Society is in a brink of collapsing and the social awareness in both public and private entity is second to none. If i dissect thoroughly your blog about Duterte I can surely and absolutely can say to you directly that you assume you know everything about that man by analyzing the bad publicity people will do just to berate, undermine and “put a good man down” in Duterte without taking consideration the call and the support of the people, the cause and the ideals, work ethics and how he deals with it thru practical and economical means he transpire across different walks of society.

    In others words you “judge a book by its cover”, shame on you!


  20. Kala mo naman meron nagawa para sa bayan…magaling mag comment Inday Espina-Varona…ikaw anu nagawa mo para sa bayan natin? if mayaman ka swerte mo if illegal ka malas mo kung tumakbo si Mayor Duterte at siya ang mananalo kasi di ka niya papalampasin…


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