REAL as real can be

Gorgeous cove. Big waves, quiet, not too far from Manila. Four-level falls nearby. What’s there not to like? REAL as real can be.

The Footloose Kit

It was the word “Pacific” that sent me hoisting a backpack to tag along with photographer Yvette Lee. Pacific meant the ocean and big waves; calm lagoons have never been my cup of tea.

We ended up in Real, on a cove that magically appeared along a craggy shore. Before our two-day trip ended, I had signed up for a residential resort development. A year later, I lost hard-earned money to Mother Nature, which sent a mountain of rocks and mud sweeping into Real, in Quezon province, to the southeast of Manila.

beach4-EDITThese days the cove is back though there’s no recovering my money. But whatever boasting rights lost, and however much it pains to admit I won’t have a retirement beach house, the upside to tragedy is, that Real remains a natural wonder bereft of artifice – though ‘tis true that one man’s paradise is another man’s hell.


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