ON THE LAM … Musings, while en route to Paris via the Central Asian airspace

Was just done with months of chemo and really feeling the itch to travel. So when a sister and friends offered the chance to take a swing across some European cities, I didn’t think twice. The first part … musings while in the air…

The Footloose Kit

Circa 2009

I. MANILA —  I’m going to Paris and half a dozen other European cities! I look at the itinerary and squirm.

It’s a trip that can be billed — kindly — as a whirlwind tour; the kind, I suppose, that would appeal to folk concerned solely with photo postings on Facebook and having an album or two at home, and maybe some video. Which isn’t a bad way to go if that’s your kind of thing.

I’m prone to dawdling; pausing too many times and for stretches that could infuriate companions. I stay away from tour groups; don’t want to be on the receiving end of homicide. I like traveling alone, or with just one companion or two, preferably kindred souls who also enjoy getting lost in alleys and winding up in serendipitous conversations with folk who’d send their moms’ hearts pounding.

One one trip, to Turkey, fellow…

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