War and peace and freedom: An Independence Day Chat

An Independence Day chat on loyalty and fighting battles and defending the indefensible. And knowing when to walk 🙂 
Person 1 “What’s loyalty?” (to employer)
Person 2 “It means not raking it or your colleagues through the coals in public.”
Person 1 “How about inside?”
Person 2 “Inside, you fight hard for what is right”
Person 1 “What if it doesn’t work? What if the final policy is wrong? Do you keep quiet in public? What do I say when asked?”
Person 2 “That you will refer it to proper channels. And make sure you do.”
Person 1 “Is the gag blanket?”
Person 2 “There will be always exceptions, some issues so universal that speech is a no-brainer. Choose your battles. And know the risks. Do not let fear rule you, but respect your employer and colleagues.”
Person 1 “Must I always defend my employer?”
Person 2 “No. Loyalty to a cause does not take away your perception — or conscience. The best they can demand from you is silence. The word loyal must not be mistaken for apologist
Person 1 “What if my good work isn’t recognized internally? What if people put stumbling blocks?”
Person 2 “People do not like whiners. Fight your battles inside. And when that line on the sand has been so trampled on that it no longer looks like a line, know when it’s time to walk.”
Person 1 “How does one walk away in victory?”
Person 2 “Why victory? Isn’t it enough to walk away with grace?”
Person 1 “We all want victory.”
Person 2 “If you’ve done all the above, if you’ve been ethical INSIDE, they will respect you outside.”
Person 1 “After I walk can I spill the beans?”
Person 2 “Depends on your contract  And remember, many other ethical, hard-working people remain inside. Do not hurt them just to get back at the employer.”
Person 1 “How will I know it’s time to leave?”
Person 2 “Aside from that poor, bruised line? When you find your eyes perpetually on the horizon and the thought of freedom and all its risks makes your heart beat harder, it’s time to give everyone a hug and leave”
Person 1 “God, will it be worth it?”
Person 2 “You’ll never know till it happens 
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, EVERYONE! Remember, only when you know which battles to fight — and how to fight these — will you win the war. (Said my friend Sun Tzu, in one of his non-sissy days hahaha)
 (All similarities to any conversation you’ve had with someone is pure coincidence. Here’s to freedom — and responsibility!… PHOTO by the scaRRedcat

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