Tales of Rage and Sorrow — WW2 in Penang, Malaysia

Which general executed for WW2 crimes against humanity was an artist?  Tales of Rage and Sorrow — WW2 in Penang, Malaysia: is a travelogue on men at war, both victors and vanquished, and the hapless. An excerpt:

There is nothing to do but close your eyes in silent prayer for the departed owners of the rows of combat boots; muddy, frayed and in some cases still caked with dried blood. There is a backpack. There are jackets and helmets. These were once owned by men who breathed and cursed and scratched their heads and crotches. Men who’d barely escaped internment but who would spend the next decade wondering at the fate of other men later brought to their old fort…

There is Death all over, with his black robe and sickle. There are his victims. And there is a life-size installation of a cartoon bubble, very Western, much like those gothic graphic tales, with a tortured man spouting curses at his tormentors.

In one building, I find myself looking at a room with a row of beds. It seems strangely unsoldierly, though at first there isn’t a single thing you can pinpoint.

Then my eyes fall on a white slip by a chair; it is almost hidden from sight.

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