(UPDATE) SAVING GRACE: ‘Pipol Power’, ‘piso-piso’ for Integrity — w bank details

Within minutes of publishing the blogpost, “Padrone: Si Grace Padaca at Ang Pera ni PNOY”, citizen journalist Shawn Monique Tantengco had a bright idea.

“I Admire Grace ever since. I don’t understand the lapses in judgement here and the memory lost in delicadeza. Maybe we should ask for contribution here to pay PNOY his money back.I am willing to donate. She should owe the Filipino alliance and not one party.Kahit I support that partido ang mali ay mali . Kahit saan angulo eto tingnan Mali talaga!”

I highlighted that on a Facebook post and there was stream of enthusiastic replies. Three friends immediately pledged P1,500. Ian Laput and Mae Paner, good friends of Padaca and members of Kaya Natin (the group of the late Secretary Jesse Robredo), chimed in:

  • Ian Laput yes, bilis ah, sige..let’s do this…
  • Mae Paner Inday Espina-Varona Ian Laput isoli ang 70k ni PNoy! haha! ok ba yun kay gov. grace? dapat syang umoo sa suggestion ni Shawn Monique Tantengco kung ok yan kay comm. grace magaambag din ako!
    Everyone seemed to understand the stakes. A good woman was being sucked into patronage politics — on the eve of joining a constitutional body mandated to be rise above patronage politics. Many folk like Grace Padaca. They want to continue believing in Grace. As Laput says: “I want her to succeed — cleanly”.
    Many were disappointed at her acceptance of bail money from President Benigno Aquino III. But few were willing to write her off. Blogger Pedro Jacobo (Political Jaywalker/Pedestrian Observer) asked: “Should we subject good people like Grace Paaca to a higher degree of culpability?”
    From the United States, lawyer Merit Salud stressed:
    “It is not the personal character of the recipient that gave rise to the issue but rather the public position of the benefactor and the consequent public position accepted by the recipient from the benefactor that triggers the question of delikadeza to be raised. Has she or has she not compromise her position of neutrality under the circumstances ? I adore Grace and precisely because we adore her that we raise this question. There are almost 100 million filipinos. and we could not even have more than our fingers the number of people we adore like her for public service.”
    People felt Shawn’s suggestion was a way to salvage the situation. Political comedian Paner: ” 1k from me para tubusin si grace from PNoy. w love!”
    Salud says:
    “Sama ako dyan, basta wag magresign si Grace ! I know she has not compromised her objectivity with what happned. There are many people here I know who believe in the goodness of Grace as a public servant.”
  • Photojournalist Jun Sepe — Piso-piso lang yan! What’s 70,000 supporters? Great suggestion! It’ll show PNoy too… =) He later suggested leaving a fishbowl outside the Philippine Press Institute (PPI) office in Intramuros and offered to deliver it to the offices of the official “collector”.
    On consensus and following an offer by author, artist, curator Marian Pastor Roces, the Pipol Power Institute was appointed official recipient of the “SAVING GRACE” funds. The aim: to return to the P70,000 bail money to President Aquino and give the rest for her legal defense. Padaca faces two cases for graft and malversation of public funds.
    Marian Pastor Roces: “if we pipol power a remedy, we can assist a good woman like Grace keep her head above the fray”
    Marian Pastor Roces Pipol Power Institute can receive your contributions at: Pipol Power Institute, 2nd Floor, Ang Bahay ng Alumni, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. FYI PPI’s Chair is Jim Paredes, President is Noel Garth Tolentino, and trustees include Mae Paner, Dr. Ruby Alcantara, and myself and others. It is an NGO. Contributions for Grace Padaca reimbursement to PNOY will be given an official receipt. I will personally turn over the sums to Grace and give a report to all contributors.
    Another trustree, Kay S. Bunagan gave the group’s current account details: Hi everyone! I’m one of the trustees of PPI. Our account information is: BDO Berkeley 003578008350, Pipol Power Institute, Inc. Kindly email us at pipolpowerinstitute@gmail.com andattach a picture or scanned copy (if possible) of your deposit slip after you deposit so we can track the transactions and issue receipts when needed.
    Kay S. Bunagan For those who want to drop off donations at the office, kindly text or call Tita Ruby G Alcantara first, 0939-922-6140. She’s our corporate treasurer, a professor at the UP Filipino department. Thanks!
    “Ang puna na may kasama pang ambag! ang taas na talaga ng level natin ng propriety! why not!” Paner crowed.
    There were sceptics, of course. Rolando Rico Olalia felt “no amount of reimbursement can clean the already tainted integrity.” Butch Ruiz Baliao : unanuna, bakit tinanggap ni padaca yung alok?? at meron pang matching escort ni roxas??ANO BA YAN????(in bold letters,hehe)
    Yes even as he cast doubts on the cause of saving Grace, Baliao was also giving suggestions — perhaps simply in empathy for more hopeful peers.
    Butch Ruiz Baliao : if some people want to save padaca, i think the best way is not to ask her consent at all..that’ll put her in an awkward position. just do it.
    Among those willing to save Grace:
    Anna May Hipolito I am willing! However good Grace Padaca’s intention is, accepting money from Pnoy will forever cloud her performance at the Comelec. Mabuti na yung walang utang na loob..
  • Katherine B. Buenaflor Piso Power for Grace Padaca? 🙂
  • Sylvia Morningstar I repeat Pedro Jacobo’s question: where do we send our contribution?
    Jun Sepe Piso-piso lang yan! What’s 70,000 supporters? Great suggestion! Let’s show PNoy WE ARE THE BOSS!!!
    As the original proponent says:
    Shawn Monique Tantengco Kung ethics ang pag uusapan dito. She should have asked the filipino people. Kahit barya baryamag bibigay ang filipino, basta para sa prinsipyo at paninigigan. Kung yun ang ginawa nya Irerespeto sha ng mga tao. Now the damage has been done! Kung ako na Dilaw, nag isip sa motibo papano pa ang yung mga Masa!!
    And so we’re off… saving grace, saving integrity and, yes, saving people’s hopes.

13 thoughts on “(UPDATE) SAVING GRACE: ‘Pipol Power’, ‘piso-piso’ for Integrity — w bank details

  1. In a sense, if the PIPOL save Grace from that awful situation, we save, not only one of the best amongst us, but also affirm the best ABOUT us.


  2. Too late the hero. Padaca is already compromised. You are creating a wedge between Pnoy and Padaca. If you are able to pay back the 70k what will Pnoy and Roxas feel? Did they not think again? On Padaca ‘s side why did she not think that something was wrong there. The exercise is futile.


  3. Sad to know i’m being blocked at your FB acct. Makes me wonder now that you guys don’t accept negative comments. Tsk tsk tsk….will be posting it here anyways.

    Hmmm…magaling talaga si Padaca mang deceive ng mga tao ano? Ang dami niyo pa palang naniniwala sa kanya. Actually, if she only walked the talk, hindi siguro nakabalik ang mga Dy’s sa pagka gobernador. Pero she didn’t serve the Isabelinos well. Pinasikat lang niya sarili niya…but the basic services that was suppose to be given to US, Isabelinos…wala. She removed the free hospitaliztion and medicines na dating programa ni Gov. Jr Dy. Sa mga mahihirap naming mga kababayan, napaka halaga noon. Nun siya ang gobernador, ultimo bulak at syringe kelangan bilin. And para makausap siya ng isang mamamayan, kelangan me appointment pa or tuwing kada miyerkulas lang. Is that good governance? She claims, she’s anti illegal logging and anti jueteng pero the truth is, kapatid niyang si Marlo ang bagman niya. She also claims, she’s anti dynasty, pero hindi ba kabilang din sa dynasty si Pnoy? One more thing, are you guys aware that she appointed TWO of her SIBLINGS as her EA when she was governor? That’s NEPOTISM di ba? Hindi ba mas worst pa siya sa mga Dy’s? Atleast mga Dy’s na binabatikos niya were ELECTED by the Isabelinos NOT appointed. I just hope that you guys don’t believe what you JUST hear or READ…it is NOT always the TRUTH. Siguro you guys should visit Isabela to know what she really did.


    • EA means executive assistant? That’s always been a position of appointment, a confidential position with no tenure or plantilla. I personally believe in appointing experts to the post, but many elected officials do appoint close kin or long-time friends and employees to that position.
      And Grace was elected governor, not appointed. Thanks!


  4. Here are two links of an interview of Atty. Alben Burkley: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NnoY1Mt9bE4 and http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=relmfu&v=ZBU0Ttk0Mj8

    Atty Alben Burkley, by the way, was just Grace Padaca’s mentor. I think its better if you donate your money to the needy people hindi sa taong mapagkunwari. Magaling si Grace because she used her disability to gain sympathy….disabled na babae, na bahog ang dynasty….ang ganda pakinggan kung tutuusin but she didn’t walk the talk.


  5. For a long time Gov. Padaca had been alone in suffering the grave injustice done her. To think that she is physically disadvantaged. No one came forward to offer significant help. Now that P-Noy has stepped forward to do her a good turn, saka pa lamang lumabas itong mga offer to contribute at mga pagpupuna. Sabi pa ng isa, “no amount of reimbursement can clean the already tainted integrity.” Mga epokrito/a!


    • Hi Dionesio, the people helping her… they’ve always been with Grace in her struggles. In our previous mag, Philippine Graphic, Grace’s fight was featured several times. And by the way, there was no lack of offers from personal friends to help her… not filing bail before was her personal statement, not a due to lack of potential funds


  6. I think someone is missing the point here, Ms. Padaca has the 70K. It’s impossible that she doesn’t have the means to get 70K, the point is she doesn’t want to bail herself but since she needed to avoid arrest they made this drama of paying for the 70K. The bad thing is that it backfired. The deed has been done how can you buy back your integrity this thing happened already with or without the 70K she is indebted to Mar Roxas and PNoy already. She even has an insurance – her brother. If she doesn’t get confirmed by the CA she can substitute and run for governor again. That is why I don’t believe that gesture “she can resign from the Liberal Party” slant. Why can’t you see through this woman? I suggest you guys read or scan 18 pages of this thread, the Grace Padaca Saga http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=171058 you’ll know more about her from the very beginning and where or what she is now.


  7. I did not realize there were so many negative comments here, hehehe. Of course it is easier to whine and complain than actually do something positive, but then again it is more convenient to just attack since its free rather than be a contributor, hehehe.

    So the Dy’s is better than Padaca, what drugs are you on? Someone please explain to me how an apple become an orange este how Padaca’s sin of employing his relative as an EA is worst than the Dy’s political dynasty….. I say put your money where your mouth is or shut up if you are just too stingy and using negativism just so you can avoid parting with your precious nickel and dimes, LOL.


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